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October 19, 2005


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Only problem is that there is no defense of necessity as in his story of the lifeboat. That makes it murder, plain and simple.

We are not even talking about denying aid, but preventing people from using the only viable escape route from a devestated area. The town of Gretna has no legal right to block a public way through their town. To tell them all to keep moving would have been callous as well, but not criminal. This is criminal.

Deportation, maybe? The forced movement of subaltern populations? Consumers without money, producers who can't produce much, of what value are they in the ownership society? The greatest good and the GNP must be consulted, and it may not always be possible to subsidize the laggards. That is the cold logic of economics, and unless we reinvigorate the langauge of human rights, it will prevail.

It's pretty much there already. In this country you are pretty much at the mercy of anyone who wants to mess with you if you don't have cash. On the plus side, many ordinary people are very kind and generous. I don't know what is wrong with this country that there isn't more outrage at all of it. It's almost surreal, with all the pending endictments, no good news at home or in the world, and they go on with the same tired message like it isn't going to implode tomorrow. Congress is frozen trying to stay out of the way when the inevitable happens.

Getting back to the topic, I'm resisting the language of rights, and thinking more of human dignity. Learning to treat outselves, each other and the planet with respect. Rights and enforcement of rights only comes in when relationships have broken down, and further, the very same language of rights is used to privatize the rights to property at the expense of humanity's natural commons.

Human rights and human dignity seems to be quite close, going back to the idea that we have in us a kind of spark of the divine, a God-given soul, that we are no just meat, or property owning animals.

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