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September 11, 2005


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Soon as the rest of my Family kicks in their share of the 10K, I'll confirm our participation. But, if Cuomo, Moyers, or Ms. Leach don't show, any of them, we get our money back, no questions asked. OK, Dick?

I believe the celebs, media types, and pols are locked in. Life is all about making the right connections. With the tariff at $7,500 all who attend or speak should pick up some "juice," from the connections made. Giving is all about the lateral and upward networks of givers, and secondarily about what trickles down to those in need. That is the first thing you have to understand in creating events like this. Philanthropy is the pretext, the Text is getting hooked up with others with money, status, political clout, media access. I did not understand it until I joined the Events committee for a nonprofit and was mentored by a Yale-educated young society woman with a subversive sense of humor. She had a template - big name, big house, wine, lots of time to schmooze, and a little "giving forum" thrown in to make everyone feel uplifted. Keep the content light, and emphasize local and national celebrities to draw the crowd, charge a good tariff to insure the quality of the connections made. Appalling in some ways, but O so human. And somewhere in all this some money does go to giving.

Geez, it's a little too rich for me. Let me know if you need someone who can play Embraceable You on alto.

Someone send around an email at work today. A 1000 dollar ticket for a Pearl Jam benefit at the House of Blues. Too rich for me ...

Phil Anthropoid, maybe next year they will have a Masquerade Ball and we can all sneak in the back door.

I will donate one pair ebAy-got Jeans (which are not some cheap knock-off, but genuine Levi-Strauss) to be give any wildly rich but eccentric schmoe who show up naked banging around in some barrel. They are holier than Paris Hilton and twice as fragrant, wore by her in the last Shake The Tree theatrical, The Dead, Go Figger. (No attribution. It's as good as a gift to myself.)

Thanks, Mole, the jeans would make a good charity benefit raffle.

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