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September 07, 2005


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With all this talk about absolutes and the evolutionary impacts of generations in an artificial environment, I have to speculate as to whether there is a sense in which we will be held to account for the sort of life we have led.

I can't imagine some sort of tit-for-tat with eternal bliss if you make the cut or damnation if you don't, but neither can I accept that the impacts of our moral actions are strictly limited to their physical outcomes.

If you are like Candy, and can get to the top by climbing over your fellow humans and trampling any other life forms that get in your way, you had better hope your acts have no moral shadow.

At the very least, you must bear the responsibility for all the destruction and harm you have caused. You have produced nothing of lasting value, even as you keep accumulating cash and such. You take your pride from your bank account? It really doesn't get any more shallow than that. Really, Candy, you are the pathetic loser with nothing to show for you life.

Maggots ? Vituperative name-calling .. the last refuge of scared people with nothing left to offer and evrything left to lose.

Gerry, your sentence would read the same way, and maybe more powerfully, without the *pathetic loser* included .. as in "Candy, you have nothing to show for your life". No ?

Dr. Bardamu told me he thinks she's an anal retentive necrophiliac. I can't bring myself to discuss his proposed remedy. Not when I'm sober.

Ah, but Candy is what has crawled to the top of the evolutionary heap, and her genetic material is now very widely dispersed. As you know, with her milking machine she extracts the best of the best from America's top politicians and CEOs, she then uses that plus her own genetic material to create Super Predators for High Office, whether in government, philanthropy, or business. "Born to Succeed." As such, I think we can be assured that the new morality is Candy's. She has prevailed. They say that Ghengis Khan, because of his huge harem is the ancestor of 16 million males. Candy will easily outdo him. So, if you want to know what is or is not moral, consult one of her Super Predator Rapture Ready CEO/Preacher Zealots.

Has she EVER given birth to another human being, or are her descendant Super Predators Alphas and Betas that have been titrated ?

And if she ever has given birth, who fucked her, or did she fuck them ?

.. and I'm assuming that she knows that God doesn't appreciate single moms, not at all.

Artificial insemination. She is not a mother. The children come of an assembly line, in test tubes. Mothering is highly inefficient and often ineffective. The assembly line is optimized to produce specific results, to keep each caste full of appropriate exemplars. Ordered liberty applies to the gene pool.

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