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September 25, 2005


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You seem to be very confused, Candy. First, the purpose of a head slap is not to perfect you, but to call attention to error. In your case, it isn't clear that one thousand would be enough as you seem to be remarkably immune to even extreme correction. Also, I'm not sure I understand why you are looking outside since you have a master of physical correction methods in-house. Just book one of the scene rooms for daily sessions with HT, and you will get as good as any Zen master can deliver.

You don't need a monk. You just need this.

Perhaps one of the many WB drones could benefit from these seven steps. Whaddya think, Candi? Looks like a freebie. Or how about Zen and the Art of Air Traffic Control. Or at the front desk

Or, hey, Meditation Experts at your disposal. Zen consulting. Or.... Let's meditate on Zen Ecommerce shall we? If a clock is wound in the forest, does anyone here it go tick tock? And, finally, pass the Thunderbird! Suffice to say that many have mastered Zen branding, even if they haven't mastered Zen spirituality. Thanks, Candi. That was truly inspiring.

Satori - at what cost? And can she charge it to AMEX?

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