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August 24, 2005


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It's good to see you're not blanching, Joseph. The fortunes of the the moderately well off suburban consumer, or the urban professional depend on you.

Patriotic Americans do what they're told. And the truest Patriots figure out what's expected before they're told what to do.
Close your eyes and believe.
It really is Robertson, it really is Bush.
It really is.
No fair peeking.

Thanks, Juke, Tigg blogged it.


It's the weird Mass Media that churns out spectacle ,tragedy , and hype under the amoral banner of news, which gives attention to weirdos like Robertson. (Nothwistanding I wish that Robertson weirdo a longer life than he wishes upon his "enemy") .

Exhort people NOT to watch the news any more--except temporarily to learn if a hurrican or some other disaster is coming to the neighborhood . Starve the flames of spectacle by boycotting the media air that feeds them ! Kalle Lasn and the staff at ADBUSTERS MAGAZINE in Vancouver, Canada have broke new ground by promoting the National t.v. turn off periods. Urge people (and oneself) to turn them off and keep them off . Now that's deep activism--NOT mere photo ops for limosine liberals .

Changing the world for the better might be as simple as getting a larger critical mass of people to turn their t.v. sets off for a long time--perhaps even permanently !

Blogging is something to do rather than watch tv. So now the ads are migrating into blogs, and with them will come business logic, an eye to the bottomline.


by Leo Malchenewitz

CARACAS (New Order News Network) - Venezeulan strongman Hugo Chavaz has been gassing thousands of his own people since surviving an attempted coup two years ago, according to unnamed sources within the Venezeulan Minstry of Health.

Cuba Implicated

The attacks on the civilian population have been assisted by Cuban advisors, according to the sources. As is publically acknowledged, Cuba has sent more than 20,000 specialists to Venezeula, under cover of a medical assistance and training program. Among their numbers have been dozens of "passers del gas" (gas passers) who now stand implicated of gassing unsuspecting Venezeulans.

According to one alleged survivor of the attacks, Hector Mal Diente, most victims never knew what hit them.

"I had an abcess," said Diente, speaking through a translator, "and needed to have it taken care of immediately. I was looking forward to a long painful ordeal in the dentist's chair, when suddenly I was ambushed by a man who put a gasmask over my entire face." Diente's hands shook as he related his ordeal. "The next thing I knew, I didn't know nothing - I was out cold."

Diente claims that while he was unconscious the Cubans also administered painkillers which numbed the entire side of his face. "It was like I had had a stroke," he said. "After I awoke, I was drooling and slurring my speech. I was afraid the passers del gas had damaged my brain."

Diente's account is echoed in stories told by other victims: stories of women in childbirth receiving spinals, unconscious children operated upon to fix congenital defects, and dozens of other horrific episodes detailed in a secret document leaked by sources at the Health Ministry.

Reaction to the report from the US government was swift. "We have informed the Venezeulan government that it must stop these attacks, or face an embargo of all Nitrous Oxide shipments," White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan told reporters. A statement from President Bush was terse. Asked what he was going to do about the situation, Bush angrily said "Whip it." White House observers speculated that this was Bush's shorthand way of saying he was sending Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice on another whirlwind tour of Latin American states.

Terrible, Klaus! Shock and Awe. The Fight for Venezuela? Are they in the Axis of Evil?

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