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August 07, 2005


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I think they almost ran me over with that Hummer on Milwaukee Avenue. Lately it seems that SUVs are the most likely to resent the few square feet of road space my bicycle takes and endanger me on my daily commute to the Loop. I've taken to refering to them as SUV terrorists.

Just the other day, there was an SUV that I must have passed a dozen times, back and forth and so I kept seeing this window graphic on the back, Calvin of Calvin and Hobbs pissing on the words "Bin Laden". I wanted to to explain to them how they have that exactly backwards. He is pissing all over you and your gas guzzling SUV, and you are too stupid to realize.

Could the Bin Laden and his friends asked for a better venue for their initiative than post Sadam Iraq?

Jack and Jill's richer friends may be in for a nasty surpise. Jack and Jill themselves can join the Dignity Batallions and keep public order once the unforeseen contigencies eliminate their jobs. Their road rage training will come in handy.

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