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March 25, 2005


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Pardon me please for going off topic on my first post here. I discovered this place yesterday by accident (link from a link from a blog I RSS, if memory serves); it's a pure delight. In particular, I spent a lot of time reading the back-n-forth between The Tutor and T. Burke. Good stuff. I like it and I'll be back.

Anyway, Billmon has a very interesting post up today that touches lightly on the peripheries of that previous discussion. It's great stuff, and it's interesting (and even a bit queasy-making) to see Billmon drop the mask of arch deftness and step forth to address the audience with his makeup on and costume looking curiously out of place in the harsh house lights.

Much obliged, will blog it.

Mel Sembler is a greater businessman than his predecessors, as is fitting for a man who represents President Bush.

Mencken link via Limited, Inc.

Menken, now there is a great American stylist, an aphorist and curmudgeon, "spewing venom," in Timothy Burke's phrase, and delighting in his own preposterous rube-baiting verbosity.

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