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February 27, 2005


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Here's another high stylin' stud for the fashion show, Candidia.

Added the cowboy and his admirers.

Sounds like y'all have a problem with strong black booted women.

Nah, it's just kind of funny seeing an awkward dork of death strut around dressed in an outfit that matches Gee Dubya's, hisself an awkward dork of death.

Fantasy is the level at which Holywood, marketing, fashion, and propaganda work their magic. What is the fanntasy behind the fashion statement?

But where's Condi's leather jacket? Hasn't she seen the Damned? A leather jacket is like sooo necessary, if you are planning on strutting your stuff in the corridors of Abu Ghraib. Of course, there is the problem of cleaning -- you know those prisoners, always leaving their little effluvium all over the place after a good 40 orifice pile-up. But God, on her salary, she can surely afford the laundry bills.

But Roger darling, perhaps she was husband hunting in Germany , looking for the Real Thing or son thereof, not one of those tacky xAm. imitations flitting about the closets & corridors of DC.

Goddess Severa?? Holy shit, I guess that's supposed to play on "severe," but it conjures up "sever" (as in cut off), too. Let me guess, those male chastity devices are actually another kitchen gadget for dicing and slicing, right?

On another note: I thought The Night Porter was a great movie, and Charlotte Rampling and Dirk Bogarde were perfect. Lina Wertmuller made a real contribution to the study of fascism and sex, similar to what Pier Paolo Pasolini did with The 120 Days of Sodom (which, I confess, I didn't actually have the strength to watch, only read about). Lots of scholarly colleagues on the left hated Pasolini, too, just as not a few feminists got upset by Wertmuller. Actually, come to think of it HT, you kinky l'il bastard, you!), you are the Wertmuller-Pasolini of blogs, aren't you? ;-)

Thank you, Yule. The vegematic male chastity device? Grate cheese, slice carrots, chop walnuts or keep your man in line? Please, we may be men, but we are only human and cringe easily. As for sadomasochism, I prefer to think of myself as a moralist mortifying the flesh to free the spirit of those sunk in material culture. You can see that scroll by on the WB Disclaimer as Candidia drives Condi before her for a duel to the Dommes. In other words, I am the AKMA of the Primitive Church, as befits our Dallas Domicile. Spanking the rich foor the good of society is a calling for a Saint, believe me. There is no money in it, and my only pleasure is the good I do.

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