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February 18, 2005


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Where would we be without visionaries like Aldrich to show us the way? Culture of the Manifestly Destined must not be left to its own devices: Curriculum planning sessions / with paddles / Tuesdays - midnight @ Skull & Bones / thong req'd.

The Battle for Iraq was won on the playing fields of Wealth Bondage.

No Teacher Left Standing

Very sad. I am close to those who teach and hear everyday about the impossibility of doing anything except teaching to the silly tests. Kids and teachers alike are being routinized into the drills of authority, of wealth bondage. The micro texture of fitting in or fucking off. Docility is the goal, and anxiety is the means.

notice the bias in the questions.

"Which of the following workers are paid by taxes?"

"Describe how factories help a community."

Bias? A primer on the neocon vocab.

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