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September 17, 2006


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Just like when my syphilitic brother died, my aids-wracked brother died, my mood-enhanced brother died, so another brother has died, so another brother will die, so two brothers will be born, so too will they die, for the cause.

It's hard to respect something you understand, but that is the challenge, pea brain, dick lips, cat spittle, snood. If life was easy, everyone would do it. Jah know?


Get tough get busy get over it get a clue.





Let us roll

Dick Minim is always telling me I go too far, but in this game too far is just barely far enough.

One day, when the future of his loved ones and the distribution of his estate are assured, Senator Minim will summon you to his deathbed and tell you, "You did well, Happy Tutor, you did well to speak Truth to Power." This will come from a man who will be far out of the reach of earthly consequences.

Better, maybe, to perfect the art of Carnival. Who can object to some innocent fun?

I'm reminded of a scene from the film Ridicule -- stop me if you've heard this. The King asks, with a note of scorn in his voice, "Was that a pun?" An attendant answers him, "No Majesty, that was a play on words." "Oh, very well then," says the King.

Who can object to some innocent fun?

Especially if it's consensual commenting.

It's not easy being the Fool when

. . . breaches of decorum resonate far more than the pilfering of the national treasury, the usurpation of the nation’s army for personal ends, or the squalid incompetence that leads to the drowning of one of the Republic’s major cities. As long as the King is in his counting house, stealing all the money, the Broders of the world are sound asleep, and their children are running the Iraq treasury.



The public understands that you don't put pictures of naked ladies, much less naked men, on the outside of your locker at work. You put them inside. People who violate these simple rules must be shunned.

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