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September 24, 2006


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He could have gotten paid for his blogging, Deputy, by the Soul Harvesters.

Soulcast, what an appropriate name. Why not get paid to blog? I wonder if it will be enough to draw Martin Wooster of CRC.org into blogging world?

I'd suggest some emotional intelligence work on you, if I had access to your KRA's.

I understand Daniel Goleman is now allowed to practice certain kinds of intelligence-development protocols that were formerly hors la loi

JJ, your sound more and more like a Dungeon Master to the Stars yourself. It is a job open to talent. Could we be partners?

Of course ... I can't think of anyone I respect (and wish to role model) more (except Elliot Rosewater). But, you gotta lose that Deputy Editor "shadow" before I go anywhere ...

What exactly does in mean to lose ones shadow? The alternatives are repression or integration, aren't they?

No, I think it’s Human to self-immolate before something that’s utterly beautiful or compelling.

Laisse-moi devenir
L'ombre de ton ombre
L'ombre de ta main
L'ombre de ton chien
Ne me quitte pas
Ne me quitte pas
Ne me quitte pas
Ne me quitte pas

Jacques Brel

Paris in early April, when the spring light casts fresh shadows, will be perfect for the business planning lunchs for a partnership.

A man afraid of his own shadow - that is bad, JJ, but a man pissed off over another man's shadow? Maybe Deputy Editor is your own shadow too? Fit in or Fuck off is the Deputy Editor's attitude. Choice is yours. As you know, those are the only two alternative available. What can I do about it?

Maybe Deputy Editor is your own shadow too?

But of course. Why else would such an attitude get up my nose ? That aspect of my shadow is something I have been aware of and have had various degrees of failure and success embracing, confronting or managing all my adult life.

I have many many faults but a reasonable degree of self-awareness and self-knowledge is not one of them, I don't think. Tho' even typing that makes me wonder, of course ;-)

JJ, the truth is we are both excell at the same kind of work and share the same ambivalence about it. We both know the drill and the rules. We know ho w to cultivate clients, and how far we can go as teachers before we get tossed out on our rumps. We know the financial benefits of playing the game by the rules, and we know the personal cost of suppressing our understanding of how those very rules constrain not only us but the available outcomes. We both use masks to convey our forbidden insights to keep open the possibility of playing in propria persona inside the rules. What that means for me is that propria persona, my proper person, is a wooden puppet on a string. That is the paradox of staying alive inside wealth bondage. Your best self becomes a Fetish Action Figure, a fiction, while your respectable self, your real self, becomes a whore who passes for a dignitary. These are the dark truths we have explored. Deputy Editor c'est moi.

... et bien sur moi-meme aussi.

We are caught up in trying to escape from our very own spectacle while pretending to put on a show, n'est-ce-pas ?

We are the spectacle we mock, no doubt; the Fool who impersonates a King; a Privy Counselor who doubles as a Fool. A prince of a tiny kingdom who doffs the crown to pass himself off as a pauper. The tale ends how? With a marriage and a dance, or with the dead dragged from the stage? I guess I hope for the marriage and the dance in which all levels of society form a ring and celebrate new life.

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