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September 24, 2006


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I'm pretty sure it's all part of an elaborate ploy to wrest Dr. Chadwallah's contract from Candidia.

(What lawman doesn't crave a wresting?)

Let me get the wires and we can light up his nuts.

Ooooh!  The WB Snake Light™ !  I want!

I assume Chadwallah will edit the Festschrift, or provide the annotated edition?

Things seem to be unravelling, so to speak.

It will get short shrift from him, I think ... either he will redact so heavily it will serve only as a yule logm or it may well be that he will sell the original and pocket the proceeds well before you get a look at it ...

"There is something in the death of even the closest friend that does not entirely displease us." I believe that is from Swift's Verses on the Death of Swift/" Might make a good epigraph for the Festshrift, short sheeting yours truly, even on my death bed.

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