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August 05, 2006


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With the greatest respect and utmost contempt:

You have to be rich to think like that.

Why, Jim? Carnival was the province of the poor for milennia. And like Mardi Gras today it was always confined to particular Feast Days on the Calendar, or to the Fair Grounds. Blake lived on the edge. Macking mock is only one aspect. Makes you feel better, but how far does it get you? Let me put it this way, "You have to be connected to those with the capacity to get things done in order to think that way." Maybe so. I am a little; Peter is to a great degree. Now you are too, if you had not been before. And, yes, "Them what has the gold makes the rules." At least they make the rules about where and how they show up and with whom. C.f. Bush's speaking engagements; who gets in, who gets to ask questions; and who goes to the Freedom Pens? As they say about the lottery, "You can't win if you don't play." You have to get in the door before you even have a chance to get thrown out.

Demanding nothing of the rich has got us in the fix. Demanding nothing still predicts similar results. Dignity cannot be deprived. Only compromised. He is rich who knows not he is poor.

Look at ALL THE MONEY going to protect the Iraqis and the Israelis - and for that matter the Jordanians, Egyptians, Pakistanis .. oh, shit, I can't remember them all .. from the poor. Them tanks, planes, bombs, smart systems, logistics, all the oil to keep that whole military defense machine going. Lotsa money, nice clean money .. paper, gold, electronic zeros ... money, money, money ... nice money.

I don't think the rich worry about it at all, really. It's how many of them have made their money ... and I don't think they are thinking of opening the door even a crack to ssee who might be at the door.

"The rich" is a pretty compendious category. If you start with a phrase like "people of good will" and then screen for wealth, you will find plenty of people in it. Objectifying people by income or net worth, and then demonizing them if they have a lot is not a great strategy for winning friends and influencing people.

The dollars spent in Iraq come from us all. Public servants make those decisions for us.

Well, it was fun, anyway. Thanks.

Listen to this. At about 1:05 he kicks it up, just when you expect he will fall back. Then you think he might do it again, but instead he subordinates the peak. Then listen to ensuing phrases, caressed. Such a wonderful lover. Such strength and delicacy. So direct.

Help me, Lord. Help me to be like him.



Get it?  :-)


Get it?  :-)

Objectifying people by income or net worth, and then demonizing them if they have a lot is not a great strategy for winning friends and influencing people.

Goddamn special interest groups. If they're so rich, why ain't they smart?

Well Gang, now you see what this has been all about from Day One. Wealth Bondage is a Bordello in which the rich come to scene with Candidia and the staff. In that Bordello, I, the Happy Tutor, provide discipline and moral instruction. It is hard but thankless work. From time to time, I slip out the back door to discuss the world at large with my colleagues in the Dumpster. So, forming relationships with the rich is not a last minute add-on to wealthbondage, it was the starting point of the whole thing.

So, two conversations run in paraellel inside and outside Wealth Bondage. Both are coded, but in accordance with different conventions.

I would like to see us as citizens, rich and poor, converge on projects for the public good. To that end:

1. satirize mis-spent wealth.
2. promote philanthropy
3. organize or encourage peer to peer networks.
4. expose and satirize various dodges masquerading as philanthropy.

Gerry Gleason is he rich? No, but give or take a job with the right tech co, and some stock options, he might have been. Others I could name at O.net? Are they rich? Well, they might be heirs, now mightn't they? "The rich" is a category that includes all kinds of people. Anyone who owns a McDonald's franchise, a 7/11 or a successful Roto-Rooter franchise, or a car-dealership is likely rich. Farmers and ranchers may be "land rich." Rich does not mean high class, necessarily, nor does it always mean conservative, or cold-hearted. Forming working relationships with "resourceful people," as they sometimes call themselves is not a bad idea, though it does not obviate the neeed to form peer to peer grassroots networks.

Take Dick Minim - not such a bad guy, do you think?


I would have posted this:

The saddest post ever conceived. Ancient and ad nauseum. A formal failure of the imagination. Amen.

here, as ahfukit, a MAJOR asshole. I would have posted it right after the original had appeared.

The follow up:

It's my grief. Hold your own ticket.

Would never be posted. More's the pity, eh?

More's the pity.

Let's say you came to a real funeral wearing a Halloween mask or a Mardi Gras mask? Different conventions for different audiences and occasions. I do not trivialize these difficult issues. "Coming out" on line under your own name is a carefully staged performance, unless you really are a Fool.

pity the foo

peer-to-peer communication should be discouraged.

isn't that what you get every day by default?

you might as well call it caste to caste.

peer to peer is just a euphansiaism.

lots of people trying to protect their privilege gush about peer to peer. yeah let the lower peers rip each other apart while we pick their pockets.

not about serf to overseer.

That's my opinion. the rest of the shit in these comments is so "inside" I can't make heads nor tails of it.

Unhunh. Peer to peer is often people like me to people like me. Maybe it would be better to talk about coming out of our caste, class or roles to meet as citizens. Seems that was really the root source of the word "citizen." It was the term of address in the streets of Paris, for example, during the Revolution. But who was a citizen and who was an overseer? When should the bloodshed stop, since always there were more who could be purged?

Masks, like school uniforms, could be defended as a way to strip away the adventitious trappings of caste, rank, net worth, social standing, and to meet to the extent possible as citizens or human beings.

citizen was property owner.

Truly? Women and Jews had lesser rights, but weren't the rights of man independent of caste, property, and class?

Let's say I'm pitching batting practice. You guys are big-headed clean-up hitters.

Don't smack it out the park. Drill it back from whence it came. Drive it through the heart. On the mound.

Every elevation of the type 'man' has hitherto been the work of an aristocratic society and so it will always be: a society which believes in a long scale of orders of rank and differences of worth between man and man and needs slavery in some sense or other. Without the "pathos" of distance such as develops from the incarnate differences of classes, from the ruling caste's constant looking out and looking down on subjects and instruments and from its equally constant exercise of obedience and command, its holding down and holding at a distance, that other, more mysterious "pathos" could not have developed either, that longing for an ever-increasing widening of distance within the soul itself, the formation of ever higher, rarer, more remote, tenser, more comprehensive states, in short precisely the elevation of the type 'man', the continual 'self-overcoming of man', to take a moral formula in a supra-moral sense.

Aristrocratic sentiments, indeed. You can see why N. had little admiration for either Jesus or the English with their liberalism.

Please don't assume I know what I'm talking about. I'm just casting about. I come here to be Whipped. Flayed. Striped. And what do you do?? Chuck me under the chin. I'm a fucking IDIOT? Get it?? Now hit the ball HARD!

Oh I am a lonely painter
I live in a box of paints
I'm frightened by the devil
And I'm drawn to those ones that ain't afraid

The low are required to wear their 'masks' on a daily basis. Why should the high not be REQUIRED to wear their masks, many times a year, perhaps ONCE, on this listing ship of fools?

The fucking church is failing us -- the fucking GOD is failing us -- that's why.

Please, sir, can I have some more? FUCK - YOU.

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Seems the revellers have passed on.

They've hogtied us, brother. Ask yourself, is it not strange that people just roll over and take it up the ass, so docile-like? What the heck is going on??

Shouldn't we at least squirm and cry?

I believe WE are righteously, indignantly, pissed. I believe 'we' are shown pictures of 'we' acceeding reasonably to unreasonable conditions and demands ad nauseum. 'We' believe 'we' are adjusting normatively. WE are walking the chute to slaughter. Don't WE want to bleat?

Someone said anger is a hell of a motivator. You may not want to inhabit it indefinitely, but sixty seconds ain't nearly enough.

Right-right? RIGHT-RIGHT?

Under extreme conditions, people react all sorts of ways. When you injure the body it responds with shock and automatic processes take over. Same thing when you injure the mind with systems that are cruel and ruthless, some will become crazy and if they survive, the craziness might be integrated into a worldview.

What I'm saying is that I don't think you can draw any conclusions from how people react to pathelogical conditions and situations. What needs to be attacked is the means by which pathelogical systems propagate themselves. As long as power remains largely monetized, those who hold most of the money will continue to hold power and make the rules. When we realize that money power is largely symbolic it becomes a very weak motivator. When a single group of elites (the rich, since money is power) have the power to starve malcontents, they will because it is the only way to reify their symbolic power.

Nineteenth century employers kept the pay low so the workers had to come back. If they were satisfied, they would find better things to do than show up to work in the factory on monday.

Liberation from Wealth Bondage comes when money is simply a reasource, a type of energy that is flowing through our environment. Like the wind for a sailor, you use it to get where you are going and you protect your vessle when it blows hard, but you don't identify with the wind.

All the world's a stage in which imposters show up in propria persona. You can make fun of them by clowning around in a mask, but you will not command the stage until you unmask both yoursel and the clowns currently in charge.


Without contraries is no progression.

Yes there is.

And I say this wearing the mask of a respectable philanthropoid and admirer of all that promotes beauty/fashion/wellness.

No unseemly conflict, then. Progress on all fronts.

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