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August 01, 2006


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there seems to be a

between the mouth
and cake it ate

between the gut
entrails it take

down to the south
in sullied state

between a-holes
and defecate

who owns
those sorry


Pooh-Pooh Pooh-Pooh Our Masters Say Pooh-Pooh

as in the Tao of Pooh, or the Power !! of Pooh ?

LoL, The Pooh-er of Love. (Kiss me Leo. Ack!)

Grrrrl Pooh-er! Ha-ha-lick-lick-tee-hee-snigger!

What is "I"? What inside, what outside? The boundaries of the body, food and defecation, raise those questions and are surrounded by taboos. Garbage likewise.

Hi Tutor

Ahfie and I went to a dog show. It was his idea to go but he was really uncomfortable -- he said he knew he would be, that that was part of the goal.

The whole thing was very strange but ended up being dreamy. I grabbed his hand once in a while and squeezed it, meeting his eyes. He rarely smiles for nothing, but his hands grew warmer as the day went on.

Sometimes I nuzzle up his neck and just stay there for a while, feeling very kitty. We hardly speak but his body reacts. What is there in that man...

He slows me down, you know, and I think I need that. We feel harmless, skinless, in such a good way.

None of us are purebred, right? How is it, hon, that so few want to be known as the mixed up mutts we are?

Those 'purebreds' look awfully sad to me.


It takes all kinds to make the world we want.

Pretty simple, Dumpster Dwellers are distinctly unwelcome in the Safe Places where philanthropic deals are done. So, we are collectively exploring how that works, what manners and mores kick in, how the language game of philanthropy is played, what the rules are. Clearly what is called for is suppression and silencing of the bumptious commenters in the presence of their betters or the betters will go elsewhere

Re; all kinds, not according to the above italicised comment. I undertand the point, and I regularly live it, since my balcony looks out over the back alley (no mountain or waterfront view for me) where there are dumspters and a steady stream of divers .. some loud, raucoous, disturbed, muttering. It used to annoy me, and I could have complained to city officials ... but over the past couple of years and frequently now I engage with them, talking to them and listening to what they have to say. The noise has died down, and almost all are nice people .. it's just, as one of them explained to me, almost no one listens to them.

IMO it's a mistake to shut them out, cordon them off .. .and I think I relatethat to here or TWWW where perhaps .. and I stress perhaps .. some of the betters might try leaving comments, serious comment, about how they see their purpose(s) and how they are going about enacting them.

And yes, I am aware of how much the yahoos here and at TWWW may resemble a pack of snarling junkyad dogs and how offputting that might (no, must) be to politesse and nobless eoblige, but my impression was that the snarling was intended as satire, as serio ludere (well, I guess not TWWW).

Anyway, points taken ... it again defaults to fifo and all wealth bondage, after all. Wealth Bondage demands it.

It only takes a few kinds to make the world(s) they want. Pity, that. See ya.

Yep. The Tutor's the uberduper. King of Mayberry. Master of all they survey.

He's the only hybrid they need. And that's a fact.

So. The answer to the riddle?

The Tutor must "die".

Then shut this fucker down. Vamoose.

One last one in return:

My chance in hell is   ø

What am I?

(Easy, eh? Adioooooos.)


Democracy is -- and maybe always was -- a dullard-client survey. Migh way or the High way. And all the fries you can eat.


A little night music.

Well I come down from the country
Find a lesson in the draw
There ain't no secrets in the city
It's hard living with the law

The World We Want does not include shit

If it includes humans, the whole place will start feeling pretty constipated after a month or so, I imagine .. or else you will collectively have discovered a new non-shit-making version of the South Beach diet.

Or, we will all be full of shit, which is your completely valid point.

Dirt is matter out of place - Mary Douglas>/i>

Dirt is the raw material of matter and place .. and obviously it matters where and how it is placed. That's what there are archy-tects, physical and social and political.

excrement .. tag left open

Where does the dirt belong? And how can we give full weight to the dirt, without losing sight of what is high and glorious as well?

You know, dirt is not a dirty word; dirt is also a perfectly good work for the soil that sustains the green world, which in turn sustains rest.

Humans, however, are not satified with the natural order and are always trying to put order into everything, even things that are perfectly well ordered according to timeless flows of elements, without boundaries, without rules beyond the laws of the living universe.

That was "word" not "work".

Both viewpoints are necessary, don't you think? To acknowledge dirt and give it proper due, but also to sometimes take a shower and put on business attire or even spotless ceremonial robes?

Yes, you'll note I don't exclude order either. One organism's waste is another's nurishment, just another resource flow, energy, water, nuetrients, round and round they go. Where there is accumulation, there is flow. Most of the dirt you have to mop up around the home and office is human sheddings, dead skip, hair, and so on. You can hardly call it out of place. Purification is both ritual and hygiene.

Now yer gettin' somewheres, fellers.

Yes, But... where??

Somewheres, little feller. A place, with, or without, dirt, I reckon.

With AND Without, Ches'...

Thass right, d.p., thanks. (Cousin Drew. He's the TOP Drawers.)

A time for earnest speech in propria persona, a time for masquerade. A time to fit in, a time to fuck off.

Imagine the Body Politic eating a chocolate eclair while squatting on the commode.

Is that you, Deputy? Didn't recognize you from that angle.

So much for laying down the law.

Boundaries, my dear tutor. There's a reason why all over the world there are gated communities and walls with broken glass cemented into the tops of the walls, separating the betters from the riff raff.

It's easy to lay down the law ... just ban or block them whom y'all don't want to hear any more from. You can't kill 'em or engag them, but you can keep them out.

broken glass cemented into the tops of the walls

I love that image, so beautifully vivid cf the unimaginative razor wire of Empire.

Multi-colored, sometimes, too, right? (The glass, my friends, the glass...)

Each 'cut' would have to be placed by hand. Guess whose hand?

Well, at least the issues are finally coming out. "Safe places" are where philanthropy is done. Of course that means exclusion by greater of the lesser. And if the space becomes unsafe the powers that be will shut it down and move elsewhere. WB has always been a parable about these things.

There IS this SENSE that THESE PEOPLE are just TOO PRECIOUS to LIVE. Why? BECAUSE THEY *CAN* BE. How the FUCK did such FECKLESS WIMPS become so POWERFUL? It's hard to IMAGINE, with such FRAGILITY, that they BANGED IT OUT from the BOTTOM to the TOP. They musta **INHERITED** it, RIGHT?

BTW, you DO realize that the POWER to be &nbspSPONTANEOUSLY &nbspEXPRESSIVELY &nbspINAPPROPRIATE &nbspis the ONLY power SOME people HAVE, RIGHT??

So, I'm SURE it doesn't SURPRISE YOU that it SURPRISES THEM that the KING OF MAYBERRY is recommending DETENTE and 'PROPRIA' PER-SOaN. RIGHT??

You'd THINK they'd be EMBARASSED to be so fucking FRAIL. There MUST be a PERSONAL TRAINER for that. RIGHT? RIGHT???


sountrak (shut up. I couldn't AFFORD to use 128K. OK??)

Cousin mole appears to have had a bit of an episode. Shivering and unresponsive, not good. Horslink, help me take him below. Perhaps a cold compress and a familiar space will help bring him around.

The rest of you, cover his tracks. The World We Want is an unforgiving place.

Ok, but if we are so tough, Mole, then why not engage in propria persona? That seems a good enough rule to separate the Carnval in the Dumpster from the World We Want. What are you afraid of?

If Peter invites his well-placed friends, and they appear in propria persona, then why should the commenters not take the same risk? I mean, what is the dress code?

The dress code in Wealth Bondage is Fetish Action Wear, in the Dumpster, "Come as you are," but in the World We Want, wear your own face, such as it is, and your own email, so we can do a routine security check. Let's keep the World We Want a safe place for persons of substance as well as people of no consequence. Otherwise, face facts, the persons of substance will not come. They are not going to hang around and talk seriously about money in the presence of a scornful middle aged guy masquerading in a flippy short skirt. Even Dick Minim is not allowed in The World We Want wearing drag. Ask Albert. Trust me on this one. There is a time and place for everything. Take this as an opportunity to learn the "habitus" of the world we have. You can't change what you can't hardly understand.

Yes, tutor ... mutual respect and reciprocity are good things, stuff from which dirt is made to matter.

Thanks, J.J. Filthy lucre is integral to the World We Want.


I will stand in for the little mammal -- he is clearly still under the weather. I believe he is trying to say:

What do the dullard-clients have to gain by identifying as such and participating in the survey?

He continues:

We are all hostages of our own 'habitus'. If we are to deliver our selves into the hands of the 'enemy', shouldn't they deliver their selves unto our hands, one - to - one? I.e., an equitable hostage *exchange*?

Head back, feet up, little mammal... think peasant thoughts.

All good thoughts. All I am asking is that Carnival and Real Life be played upon the appropriate stages, in the appropriate costumes. Both are scenes or plays, believe me, I know, but if Peter gets a Steve Case, say, or a Pierre Omidyar to show up on TWWW for an interview, they are coming in their own propria persona, or public face, and so should those who participate there. Otherwise our honored guests will not consider it a "safe place" and very likely will not put themselves at risk. Once they do show up, and are treated with whatever respect is accorded them by their fellow real people, we in the Dumpster can make our own parody. That is what a Cake Walk at the Big House is all about. Carnival is either profoundly unsettling or profoundly conservative, depending on how you look at it.

Do the two ever mix? Yes, I am finding that the Author Function finds it appropriate to quote me, and other Dumpster Dwellers in his essays, and that one such essay, by a real person, quoting Fetish Action Figures, is in fact included in Peter's book.

That is the best I can do right now. If I try for more, we will all find ourselves talking to one another for the next five years, as we have for the last five years, to no particular effect.

Blogging in propria persona, exposed to the Google search engine, and the immortal memory of the web, with your legal name showing up on the desk of a client, or boss, or potential customer is a whole other deal.

The AF may quote us or not, but I suspect that Carnival will make itself felt upon the "persons of substance in every sense of that word" who may rally around Peter, if we are lucky, at The World We Want.

Call it "perspective by incongruity," or shadow puppets on the wall.

"all find ourselves talking to one another for the next five years, as we have for the last five years, to no particular effect."

I think I think that "to no particular effect" is a stretch. Yes, I don't think you have quite started a movement towards building The World You Want quite yet, by blogging here and hosting a merry (and small) band of ham-handed commenters.

But .. have people gotten to kn ow each other, split off and done things, listened to each other, taught each other, and taken whatever has been learned or evolved and put it to use in their lives, or in directions other than TWWW ? And have you evolved, gotten engaged (and perhaps engagged in some spaces) ?

I'm willing to bet one loaf of stale bread and two recyclable (and empty) one litre bottles of Thunderbird that the answer is a qualified "Yes".

And is "talking to one another as we have for the last five years" on the Internets having some impact(s), and are there people (individually or in groups) looking for and/or taking "next steps" towards more purposeful or coherent or organized or real-life action, whatever the direction, purpose and means ? As far as I can tell, the answer to that one is an unqualified Yes.

Agreed, J.J. The conversation creates consciousness and connectedness. Then comes an effort to have an impact. I do think a fair number of people are at that point here, for example, and at Omidyar.net, among other places.

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