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February 22, 2006


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yes .. the sucking up is what I detest most about the hierarchies i know ... the Hay Method offered people in companies explicit recipes for sucking up effectively .. branded of course as effectiveness, and supported by the desired *competencies*. I now think I narrowly escaped with my life.

The liberalism discussed here is a precondition for politics, with an understanding that inequality of outcome doesn't justify inequality of opportunity or entail rejection of a basic minimum outcome. There is no one who is inherently undeserving of the things they need to survive, and it behooves us to organize oursleves accordingly. Establishing a nomenklatura necessarily locks some people out. Preserving a nomenklatura requires violence, overt and structural. The beneficiaries of that are the people who have established a lock on the means of exercising authority and legitimizing it, the upper echelons of the nomenklatura.

That process adds so many levels of complexity that few can master it. Unless you are an exceptional individual, you have to have a headstart to get what you need to rise. Just standing still in the structure is competitive. The victory goes to the most aggressive and best organized for aggression, who will act to crush any challenges or perceived challenges regardless of their merit.

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