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August 21, 2005


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Here's a strategic plan, founded on ideals, inspiring, open to all segments of society, and funded with strategic money" for you.

Thanks, JJ, Tigg blogged it.

I resonate in huge way with your lovely essay—especially when you say that we can’t just cultivate our inner garden. How dull an end is that? On this issue I’ve been inspired by Henry Drummond, a wonderful 19th century evangelist: “Next to losing the sense of a personal Christ, the worst evil that can befall a Christian is to have no sense of anything else. To grow in the complacent belief that God has no business in this great groaning world of human beings except to attend to few saved souls is the negation of all religion.” Drummond wrote very movingly about the (terrestrial) City as the great soul-maker: “Pray for yet a little while to redeem the wasted years. And … as you awake to face this great and needy world, learn to ‘seek a City’ there, and in the service of its neediest citizens find Heaven.”

Wow, Philanthropoid, thank you so much for the Henry Drummond.

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