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October 01, 2006


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If only it were only enemas . . . .

1. An enema of the people.

2. Because they're enemas of our way of life.

3. We give enemas over there so we won't have to give them over here. Or vice, you know-- versa.

Even the construction of that phrase "in bad taste", in congruitous proximity to "enema", is unsettling.
Distasteful imagery.
Please stop.

"Remember man that thou art dust and into dust thou shalt return." Scatology, satire and sermon go together better than some prissy sadist-ennablers might think.

It's mainly because the CIA is currently trying to figure out how to help Rep. D. Hastert cover up the probability that the House Page program required supervising the giving of enemas to newly-inducted pages by senior republican congresscritters.

They (the CIA) are too busy.

Not a friend.

All the paper work will be kept as neat as Germany during the war.

Please stop. Please. Please I'll help you. I know things. Please. Please stop. Please. Nicht bin eine juden. Please. Bitte, hören Sie auf, bitte. Please. Ahh.

America's new political capital is a reputation for ruthlessness. "Don't mess with Texas," writ large. Our fellow Americans include those whose ancestors lost the Civil War. Now it is their time to set the tone. Inagine George Wallace as Commander and Chief with AEI, Hudson, and Heritage feeding him rationales for his gut wisdom.

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