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September 17, 2006


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If you rub yourself with an ointment of lard and turpentine, Deputy, the agitiation will soon pass. But first, tell me, these masquers, are they overworked, do they have miserly bosses, diminished health, have they perhaps lost a few or even many of their number in recent years? Are their prospects of the pushcart kind, but without the loans available to realize this modest, Chestertonian ambition? If so, there is opportunity in their circumstances for a unique arbitrage, the benefits of which I would gladly share with the constabulary.

The benefits might be, what, the sale of their children as child labor laws are repealed, so parents and children will be free to make the best choices available to them in Wealth Bondage? Speak up like a man, Sir, and put aside your mask, if you have any self respect. How can I take you seriously, when you yourself make a mockery of your opinions with a foolish made up name? Your words speak bravely, but your behavior gives to your words the lie. Stand like a man and fight me! Stand by your opinions, Sir, or be damned as a coward. A mask, Sir, is for robbers and murders, for traitors to Wealth Bondage who dare not show their face in polite company. When I get my hands on you, your life in finished.

This is the New Economy, Deputy. We can countenance nothing so vulgar as the sale of children, however capable of work they may be. I'm referring to instruments of finance based on expectations of return, established rates of amortization -- as calculated by actuaries -- theoretical maintenance costs, with a sliding copayment scale, reasonable in amounts, and the profitable sweet spot created by the interactions of the derived instruments. It's very clean. No one you know on a daily basis will get hurt.

Debt bondage? Certainly, but what is new about that? We have enslaved millions, and bankrupted and blackmailed entire countries, with it through Free Market transactions. They hate us for this freedom of ours to destroy their lives and ways of life. And well they might. Tough. They can like it or I will nuke them. What are you sissy liberals going to do about it? Run around in masks pretending it is Halloween?

Take a look at the archives from well before you arived in this forsaken place, you will see my name now and from the beginning. It is your mask that is slipping friend, we see who you are, and how you cower behind the authority of your position. You might as well give it up and take the bottle of Thunderbird the next time it passes your way.

In a perfect Carnival, there would indeed be enough Thunderbird to go around and we will all wake up as friends.

Perfect carnival? Sounds oxymoronic. I'm in.

A perfect Carnival is marred by rain.

Masks? What masks?

Right, we are Authentic Fetish Action Heros.

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