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April 02, 2006


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The Affluent Clients tab is disabled in my browser. Spyware?

If I knew how to be satiricial, I would have joined in the hoot-er-nanny down below .. but am wanting to conserve battery life whilst also saying howdy to the Dumpster Docents from 34,000 feet up, off the southern tip of Iceland, wireless connection provided by Lufthansa and Boeing.

I don't really know how I got here, or why .. one minute I was sleeping off a "Bird-induced hangover, the next thing I know the Dumpster in which i was sleeping was being loaded into the belly of a jet bound for Europe.

At least I had the presence of mind to make sure that I still had my laptop with me (which didn't require much consciousness, since I use it for a pillow).

Howdy .. this untethering from the ground and still being connected feels vaguely like what I think a kite might feel like, tho' there's not enough interconnected to-and-fro for my liking.

Jet-setting world-renowned consultant and the inventor of famous phrases, now trying to pass himself off as a Dumpster Dwelling Commonor. Remember us when you arrive, J.J.

meet a millionaire for 1 hour, pick his brains, and have him fall madly in love with me at the same time!! How do I do it?
Serious. It is time to strategize.


Suzie, comment spam is always a good first start in forming a lasting relationship with successful people.

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